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About Lucius Rafi:

I'm a Houston, Tx, based artist that makes surrealist, cartoony and abstract artwork. I mostly focus on creating out of ordinary environments and characters, That being said, my biggest inspiration comes from studying nature. As my skills continue to develop, I hope to incorporate more realism into my artwork.

I enjoy working with pencil, paint and polymer clay, and have been utilizing digital painting software more often for various art projects.

A few inspirations of mine come from the works of renaissance period artists such as, Hieronymus Bosch and Leonardo Da Vinci, as well as some more modern artists like Tim Burton, H.R Geiger, and Mc Escher.

I also really like the visual styles of games like Control, Blasphemous, Fallout and Destiny 2.

Thank you for stopping by. Please check back later for the production website.

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