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About the Artist Lucius Rafi

Im just a down-to-earth artist, trying to live a simple life, and maybe take over the planet one day.

As you may already know by the site content, I make artsy fartsy things. I am currently residing in Houston, TX, however most of my presence is online, where I talk to totally sane strangers, and make one of a kind social media posts, typically featuring my artwork.

You may occasionally catch me posting traditional artwork that I make with pencil, charcoal, or paint, but at the moment I am finding a lot of value in making digital art. Eventually I want to get into 3-D art rendering (which I may already be doing at the time of you reading this).

So a few other things about me (art aside). I like to workout. Since I’m at the computer most the time, I make sure to incorporate physical activities, ideally on a daily basis. I'm fairly interested in science/physics, and I would like to start dedicating more time to learning in that field. Last but definitely not least, I love music, I listen to music almost all day long. I sometimes prefer it over watching shows/movies.

About the Artist Lucius Rafi

That's all the info I can muster up about myself at the moment, but anyway, thanks for stopping by!