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About the Artist Lucius Rafi

Hello there, I’m a Houston based artist under the pseudonym Lucius Rafi, and I love creating unusual, surreal and bizarre works of art.

As an artist, I wish to provide something that not only inspires the imaginative capabilities in others, but to also enliven forgotten perspectives and possibilities. In my own experience, I see how significant the imagination can be in shaping the world around us.

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of other life forms, planets, realms, and so on. I love challenging my capabilities and expressing new ways of representing my ideas.

Being an artist from Houston (which has a growing art community), I also look forward to connecting with other artists and grow beyond making individual art pieces. One of my prospects is to create fully immersive and abstract environments, bringing you into what seems like another world. This would not only provide a platform for my own artistic expression, but allow me to team up and support other local artists. I have many more ideas and goals that I would love for others to see and be apart of.

About the Artist Lucius Rafi

Why the name Lucius Rafi?

This name, along with my logo doesn't really represent me as an artist as much as it represents the art itself. Its like a personification of my creativity, while the actual artist is behind the scenes doing the work. Its my way of expressing that art and creativity are more important than myself.