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About the Artist Lucius Rafi

I’m a Houston based artist working under the pseudonym Lucius Rafi.

This platform gives me an opportunity to share with you my own unique expression and take on old and new concepts, so that if you were to relate to a painting, drawing or whatever else, you are actually seeing a reflection or aspect of who I am as a person.

For the longest time I only thought in terms of “will someone like this?”, but I never fully inquired, “who I am really making this art for?”. I can’t make art for everyone, nor would I want to, but I know I can at least make art that I myself would want to enjoy, with the hope that others will have a similar appreciation.

In summary, this is not only a place to view and buy art but a continually evolving process that changes as I change. I hope you stick around!

About the Artist Lucius Rafi

Why the name Lucius Rafi?

Working under a pseudonym allows me to disassociate from the other aspects of my life and only focus on what is important to me in terms of my art and artistic career. It's a way to become part of the artistic process.