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Digital Art Timelapse - Lucius Rafi Mascot


I've only made a handful of digital art drawings, which until the making of this piece, I had no inclination to continue producing digital art.

During the making of this piece I found a spark for wanting to getting really good at making digital art.

Not only does it give you freedom and flexibility that traditional art can't provide, but It is a medium that suits the aesthetic of todays society. I will never give up using a pencil or paintbrush, as there is definitely a magic to that process, but you will be seeing alot more digital art from me.

I hope you enjoy this timelapse. Could you see this art as a print or on a t shirt? let me know in the comments below.
Music: Temple, Ionalee
Drawing made with: Krita
Video made and edited with: Simple Screen recorder and Kdenlive

Category: Digital Art
Originally Posted 1 year ago
Last updated 1 year ago

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Post Comment ID: 24
By: donothre
On: Sep. 4, 2020
The character is pretty funny to me. In a good way. Krita seems pretty sick, too. I can see it on a shirt or similar. Maybe each one he would be doing something mischievous and funny on the front?

Post Comment ID: 27
By: lucius
On: Sep. 5, 2020
Yes I definitely want to have different versions of this character...and in different settings.