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Digital Drawing: Abstract - "Inversion Principle"

Drawing My Mind Again: "Inversion Principle" abstract digital drawing

I could attempt to dissect the digital drawing i have made here, but I find it more enjoyable to allow people come up with their own interpretations.

I also don't have a definitive description as to what I’m drawing since the visual artwork it’s a language in and of itself. Forcing a description could potentially diminish its depth/impact.

This Digital drawing will be revisited in the near future, so i can add more depth and detail. During this process there will be a lot of thought going into each segment that makes up the entire artwork. once i feel that this Artwork is complete i will make it available for sale as prints.

I'm curious to know what you think of it so far!

Category: Digital Art
Originally Posted 7 months ago
Last updated 5 months ago

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By: donothre
On: Jun. 21, 2022
Pretty cool looking, from what i can see. I wish the image was bigger, though.