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Happy New Years Eve!!

Happy New Years Eve!!

My final post and drawing for 2021!

Looking forward to all of the chaos of 2022!

Category: new years eve 2021-22
Originally Posted 7 months ago
Last updated 7 months ago

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By: donothre
On: Jan. 4, 2022
I really like this piece. I like the direction the art is going. I hope it gets it's own page so i can see a larger image. I would probably also like something similar, with just the landscape and entities, or forces, of less clear/reflective origin or form. IOW, using the constituents of entities from our reality, but not necessarily any part of their final, typical earthly form. Or, kind of like you did the bodies of these subjects, but do the faces the same way; part of the elemental landscape. There, but not so traditional or visible/obvious/pronounced. Hide all the entities to varying degrees and let people find them. :) Not to take away from the characters in this piece, as they are cool and a positive part of this piece, IMO. They are what gave me the idea. I'm just thinking that continuing in the direction you were already going would be cool to see.