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My Artistic Goals for 2023: A general overview


For a simplified version of my artistic goals, continue reading below, or you can check out the video for a more casual overview.

Artistic Goal 1: Complete 365 hrs of “from life” drawing exercises by then end of the year.

I’ve been meaning focus more on this artistic goal in the past, and I’m excited to see and share my progress over time. Ideally, I would like to complete 500-600 hours by the end of this year, but 365 hours, at least for now, is a more attainable aspiration.

Artistic Goal 2: Create a minimum of one new finished art piece a month

Now, as stated, one new piece is a minimum for this artistic goal, but I really want to shoot for the ideal of 2 art completed pieces a month.

Artistic Goal 3: Make full process videos of every new art piece I make.

I have been bad about this in the past, and most of the reasons for not being consistent are easily fixable issues. The idea of this artistic goal is to actually improve my video making and editing skills overtime, and to make watchable and interesting content.

Artistic Goal 4: Expand into new art and crafting categories.

This includes: Woodworking and sculpting, as well as welding.

The primary focuses for this artistic goal will be woodworking and sculpting, because It’s a little less intimidating, but since I got a welding machine for Christmas (will share a video in the future of me using it), I intend to make that a part of my crafting/building process.

My plan is to initially focus on making small(ish) items for the woodworking projects, such as end tables, storage boxes/chests, coasters etc. and possibly move toward larger projects later on. However, I really don't know until I cultivate more experience and see what I like, as well as what other people like to see me make.

For the sculpting, I will start off using polymer clay, and possibly make a blog post review on that after using it for a while. I will primarily focus on making miniature and small/medium objects with this clay, such as figurines, incense holders, jewelry/storage boxes, key chains, etc.

There will be other items and art pieces that I will make besides furniture and sculptures, but as far as new mediums go, I intend to stay within these categories for this years creative aspirations.

Artistic Goal 5: Make a blog post at least once every other week

This one will shouldn't be too hard, as long as I stick to my other artistic goals, since I will have plenty of things to talk about.

Artistic Goal 6: make a social media post every other day

This is something I am good at in spurts, but I intend to make this a more consistent routine this year. Of course, I won’t be so active on every platform, but, where it makes sense to post more casual art related posts, I will attempt to do so.

Hopefully, by sticking to these creative objectives in 2023, I can be more productive and fulfilled with my artistic endeavors. Thanks for reading!

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Originally Posted 2 months ago
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By: donothre
On: Jan. 25, 2023
sounds great! looking forward it.