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My First Art Commission - WIP

  • unicorn drawing.JPG
  • animal drawing.JPG
  • colored pencil art.JPG

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I got my fist art commission a few days ago, and thought I would share the work in progress.

I don't officially offer art commissions, but after I finish this piece I will definitely consider adding a commissions page to my site with multiple package options. In the mean time, If you want an art commission, submit a contact form on my site and we can discuss a custom option for you.

As you can tell from my other work, drawing rainbow unicorns isn't usual for me, but I am having a lot of fun with this piece. Its nice to change things up. If I have commissions packages in the future what would you want me to offer? Maybe I can do custom shirts, hats etc. Let me know in the comments below.

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Originally Posted 2 years ago
Last updated 2 years ago

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