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My first sculpture art project, using air-dry clay, wood, and led lights


This sculpture art piece originally began a couple of years ago, when I impulsively bought some air-dry clay, to experiment with.

I had little intent on making a completed sculpture art piece at the time, it was mainly just a fun way to spend spare time, and experiment with different art mediums.

I molded the face and other accessories (moon and flame), around the time that I bought the clay. My inspiration for this sculpture art piece came from a Claymation film called The Adventures of Mark Twain. Specifically. when they meet the ‘Mysterious Stranger’. I just thought that it was a cool and strange scene, and wanted to make something with the same “energy”, but in my own style.

The majority of this video shows the making of the art piece after I had already modeled and painted the clay portion of it, since that was done a while back before I considered recording my process for art projects.

At the time of posting this blog, this sculpted artwork is for sale!

Music in this video is by:
Moon Toad

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Category: sculpture art
Originally Posted 6 months ago
Last updated 6 months ago

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