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New Acrylic Paintings for Sale

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I just added 2 new original acrylic paintings to my site, which are for sale right now.

These are the first 2 acrylic paintings that I’ve added since the launching of my site, so I was really excited to post these.

As you will notice in the slideshow, the nebula acrylic painting has an led light up frame. You can adjust it to cycle through the color spectrum or stay on one color. Being a first time thing, building this frame was a little tricky for me, but it still turned out looking pretty cool. Its basically an alteration of a traditional floating frame.

The more abstract acrylic painting (aka embryonic transmutation) will also have a light up frame. The result of this piece was a surprise for me, since I had no plan or thought in mind at the time. Although I do see a lot of things in it that seem to represent specific aspects of my life, so that’s pretty cool.

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Originally Posted 1 year ago
Last updated 1 year ago

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