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New Drawings Made on Handmade Paper!

New Drawings Made on Handmade Paper!

I just posted 3 new drawings (all 13.75" x 17 1/2") made using ink, charcoal, and colored pencils.

All of these drawings were made on handmade paper, giving them a unique, look and feel.

Feel free to check out my drawings page to check out these pieces individually.

Category: drawings
Originally Posted 1 year ago
Last updated 1 year ago

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Post Comment ID: 25
By: donothre
On: Sep. 4, 2020
pretty cool. i always start to say i like one the best, but as i look at the others, i see things i didn't see before, and i refrain from picking again. :)

Post Comment ID: 26
By: lucius
On: Sep. 5, 2020
Thanks donothre! I like when that happens :)