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Welcome to my New Website!


Thanks for visiting my new website and I hope you enjoy looking around my portfolio, which currently has a variety of prints available.

This website is pretty much self explanatory, but I still wanted to attempt making some kind of video to showcase it.

I'm fairly new to doing any kind of video editing, so bear with me if this one is a little clunky. I'm looking forward to making a bunch more videos; Some being purely experimental and others documenting my artistic process when painting, drawing etc.

Category: Welcom to my New Website!
Originally Posted 3 years ago
Last updated 3 years ago

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Post Comment ID: 20
By: ITwrx
On: Apr. 15, 2020
I really like the video. The music and the transitions match the "aura" of the portfolio and website, and it's not clunky to me at all. Very professional and entertaining, in fact. Good job, and keep them coming.

Post Comment ID: 21
By: lucius
On: May. 5, 2020
Thanks ITwrx, for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it.