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My Artistic Goals for 2023: A general overview

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Charcoal Drawing - Mind Rattle

  • abstract drawing artwork.JPG
  • charcoal drawing by artist lucius rafi

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Piece Description

This charcoal drawing was made on a large 24" H x 36" W piece of paper, and is a symbolic representation of all the chaotic, random, and abstract things I was thinking of at the time of making this.

I was feeling quite spontaneous when I made this charcoal drawing, so I decided to crinkle the paper before drawing, which actually created depth, and a sense of action. This drawing is definitely a piece where it's most accurately understood in person. The frame is made of wood and painted with an extremely high, light absorbing, black paint to accentuate the painting. High gloss clear acrylic sheeting is used instead of glass, which is more durable and longer lasting that glass panels.

This Original Charcoal drawing will arrive ready to hang on your fabulous wall

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  • Description: Framed Original on Paper
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    Frame Included

  • Dimensions: L: 34.00"  W: 0.00"  H: 24.00"
  • Weight: 2 lbs 0 ounces
  • Price ea: $200.00 free domestic shipping!

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