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Video: Timelapse Sketch Art of 'Devil's Princess'

Video: Timelapse Sketch Art of 'Devil's Princess'

Here is a quick timelapse sketch art video of 'Devil's Princess'.

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Let me introduce you to my drawings, where I explore all kinds of ideas, worlds, and beings with a variety of pencils, inks, and markers.

Expressing myself through drawings allows me to coherently (and sometimes incoherently) express my life, vision, and random thoughts with relative ease and precision. I love how simple lines can turn to life, representing so many thoughts, emotions and fantastical worlds from my imagination. I hope that my drawings are able to invoke the imaginative capabilities within each viewer as well as awaken emotions and perspectives that may have been forgotten. So whether you are looking for an art piece that inspires you or just want to check out some cool drawings, I’ve got a little something for everyone.

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