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This payment page is for general, usually "one-off" type payments that you have previously discussed with Lucius Rafi. If you are trying to purchase art under normal circumstances and not trying to make some prearranged, general payment, please use the "add to cart" buttons and the cart to checkout, instead.

That being said, here you can make a secure payment with one of several Cryptocurrencies via CoinPayments, or in US Dollars via Paypal. Simply enter the payment amount, represented as US Dollars, and click on the CoinPayments image below, and you will be redirected to a page to choose your payment currency. There you will choose the icon of your preferred payment Cryptocurrency, or the blue 'P' icon with 'USD' beneath it, to pay with Paypal or a debit/credit card. Paypal payments are processed by Paypal and not Coinpayments. Coinpayments simply passes your requests straight through to Paypal when you choose Paypal as the payment method.

Out of respect for your privacy, Lucius Rafi has taken the liberty of entering a default email address, first and last name on your behalf. Feel free to modify those fields on the next page if you would like to receive an email notification from CoinPayments regarding your payment status.

Payments made with any accepted Cryptocurrency are automatically discounted by 5%!